students-01The cost of an education varies, depending on location and grade level. In rural Haiti, tuition can be as low as $100 annually for an elementary education but close to $1,200 annually in the city. Tuition for a secondary education (high school) begins at $1,000 annually and can climb to $2,500 in the city. University education and professional training expenses are between $3,500 and $5,000 each year.

students-02According to UN statistics, the average annual income in Haiti in less than $800, making the expense of tuition, uniforms and supplies beyond the reach of most families. Fewer than 30% of the children who begin their education, complete it. Leaving the country with a literacy rate just slightly above 50%

For A Reason partners with families at various stages of a child’s education and is particularly concerned for children who are in danger of being removed from their school to begin work as domestics in the city or as laborers in fields.

students-03We work closely with each student’s family to verify progress and encourage their support of the child’s educational journey. We value the relationships that develop between FAR representatives and each family and student and consider them an important factor in student success.