Special Projects

special-projects-01 Grill for Good was the idea of Barbara Nureddine and her husband Mark, owner of Bull Outdoor Products. Following a trip to Haiti, Barbara wanted her family to become more involved in the work of FAR and the idea for an annual Grill for Good event to support ongoing projects and student tuition needs began.

special-projects-02In addition, every year, Bull Outdoor Products donates generously to build a facility at a school that allows children to eat their school prepared meals with dignity. For many children, this will be the only meal received that day.

Housing that is safe and secure for our students and their families is always a concern. Laurel Starks and the Starks Realty Group took an interest in student housing. With each home sold over the period of 2 years, the company made a donation toward the building of a home for Elizabeth and her family. That home is currently under construction thanks to their generosity.

special-projects-03Hurricane Matthew hit with a vengeance in October of 2016. Because of generous donors, FAR was able to offer families who lost crops, livestock and housing a reprieve. While not anticipated, we believe that accompanying our students and their families means we are there for the good times and the challenging ones with whatever support we can provide.