schools-02Teacher Workshops- FAR recognizes that a well-educated faculty can affect over 700 students during the course of a teacher’s career. In 2015, FAR partnered with the University of Redlands to provide a teacher development program which has served more than 17 schools and 100 teachers. Intensive week-long course work in basic child development, learning theory and educational strategy equips teachers to address the challenges of their classrooms.

schools-01Each week-long experience is funded by FAR and provides necessary materials to incorporate fresh ideas and strategies. Funding also allows teachers to stay on site for the week, making the 1-2 hour long daily travel unnecessary and fostering team building experiences.

Goats and Gardens – Thanks to a collaborative effort between local US churches and schools and Partners in Agriculture in Haiti a “Goat and Garden” project is flourishing in one school and in developing stages at another.

schools-03The project produces more than fruits, vegetables and healthy goats. It is an opportunity for the school community to come together, work together and learn about effective practices for family subsistence farms and animal husbandry. The school community also celebrates the harvest several times each year.