“I am curious if their first day of school is just like mine.”

By FAR Admin

Monday, September 8, was the first day of a new school year in Haiti.  FAR recently asked one of its student ambassadors to tell us what the first day of school is like for her in the United States.  She shared her thoughts about beginning a new school year, as well as what she would like to know about the first day of school in Haiti.  As we continue to partner with schools in Haiti, FAR hopes to help schoolchildren in the United States learn more about life for the children in Haiti.

My first day of school goes a little like this: First I arrive on campus and hang out with my friends until school starts. We always ask each other “How was your summer?” or “Is that a new haircut?” Then we go to church. Father Keith says all the page numbers and explains each part of morning prayer  to help the newcomers. After the service, we go to our first class. Throughout the day, for almost every single class, we go through the class syllabus and review classroom policies. Lunch and nutrition break are the only rest period we are given, besides five minutes between classes. I usually spend the time eating or just hanging out with friends. During nutrition break, you can get snacks from the ROARstore, which actually donates all its proceeds to St. Andre’s in Haiti. After lunch, we have a five minute break, down on the playground. My friends and I usually play four square or just talk. After all the afternoon classes, it’s time to go home. I hear about Haiti or St. Andre’s in church every day, and I am curious if their first day of school is just like mine. Is it more fun? Do they start working the first day? Do they have recess?

-Anne, 8th grade FAR student ambassador

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